Bear pit Alphabet was created to capture the theme of psychogeography to explore the mood of the space. 
I found I was more drawn to the smaller, handwritten notes and pieces of graffiti than the planned, artistic pieces that the sunken roundabout is known for.
From the collection of pieces I photographed, I created a series of letterforms which I arranged together to form an almost complete alphabet. Similarly to the original lettering I found, the piece isn't immediately associated with the Bearpit, but each letterform has it's place in the failed regeneration project of the St James Barton roundabout. 
Printed on lightweight paper, similar to the fly posters that are common in the area, and on 10mm mdf board to mimic the handmade element of the structures created by those who call the Bearpit home.
Screen printed on 90gsm Five Seasons 100% recycled paper, and on 10mm mdf board